Diagram Preferences

By default, “Automatic Refresh” is set to true (see the Eclipse Window / Preferences / Viewpoint page): this means diagrams always display the latest state of the model. There are at least two cases where it is recommended to rely on manual rather than automatic refresh:

Do refresh on representation opening” specifies whether a refresh is systematically performed when opening a diagram. Unless working in a collaborative environment with Clearcase or SVN, this option should be set to True.

The option “Always create a aird fragment on control” should always be activated. It allows keeping the model and representation files fragmented accordingly.

The two other options in this page are irrelevant in the context of Capella.

The “Viewpoint Diagram” subsection contains a set of preferences specifically related to diagrams.

Then, you can manage diagrams settings such as diagrams appearances, connection style, general printing settings and rulers & grids options.