Usage Monitoring Preference

Preference is available from the Window / Preferences menu/ Capella.


This preference is related to the logger "Usage Monitoring". This logger is aimed to track Capella usage (Project creation, Diagram creation, ...) then generate tracking information into a log file named "Usage.log".
By default, this file is generated into the current workspace. However the file location can be set in the eclipse.ini configuration file as following :


If this file reaches the size of 20 MB, another file is created. The maximum number of files is 30. If this limit is reaches, the first file is destroyed and therefore the log performs a cycle on the files.

Note : This preference is activated by default.

Usage Monitoring logs a short list of commands:

  1. Open Session
  2. Close Session
  3. Create Representation
  4. Open Representation
  5. Transition
  6. Validation
  7. REC-RPL