Replicable Elements are mechanisms allowing the easy reuse of model parts.

A REC can be viewed as a “contract” to which all its RPLs must comply. REC can embed RPLs of other RECs.

REC and RPL are located in Catalogs. Technically, REC and RPL are technical objects pointing towards the list of the elements they embed.

Capella provides tooling to manage the creation of REC and their instantiation, as well as update mechanisms (from REC to RPL and from RPL to REC) and validation rules.

Different kinds of conformance are possible between a RPL and its REC. Capella defines three default kinds of conformance, but end-user can define their own ones.


Non-exhaustive list of possible REC.

A Function and its sub functions

A Functional Chain and the Functions it involves (multi-root)

Two Functions and a Functional Exchange between them (multi-root)

A Component and its Sub Components (mono-root)

A Component and its allocated Functions (mono-root)

A Component providing and requiring Interfaces located outside the REC

A Physical Component and the Logical Components it realizes, including Functions and any other element