Tab-Bar Actions Glossary

The top area of all Sirius diagram editors is filled with the tab-bar, which provides access to many operations on diagrams and their elements such as "automatic layout tool, selection tool, Show/Hide tool...". The content of the tab-bar differs when the current selection is the diagram itself (i.e. no element is selected) or one or several diagram elements.

This document describes some of these operations.

Tab-bar Actions Available on Diagram     Tab-bar Actions Available on Diagram Elements
  • Automatic Layout Tools
  • Selection Tools
  • Refresh
  • Layers Selection
  • Filters Selection
  • Show/Hide
  • Pin/Unpin
  • Paste Layout
  • Zoom Controls
  • Export As Image
  • Layout Mode
  • Arrange Selection
  • Alignment Control
  • Distribute Elements
  • Pin/Unpin
  • Copy Layout
  • Hide
  • Hide Label
  • Delete from Diagram
  • Delete from Model
  • Font Controls
  • Color and Visual Style Controls
  • Cancel Custom Style
  • Apply Style
  • Make Same Size
  • Auto-Size