Layout Management

Use Case: Diagram Cloning

In order to ease the alternative architectures set up, a cloning diagram functionality exits in Capella. Directly in the Capella Project explorer, right click on the diagram you want to clone and select Clone Diagram. A new diagram is created next to the original one.

Diagram Template

A diagram template can be set up and then applied to others diagrams in order to save time in diagram layout set up. It also ensures the layout consistency of diagrams.


Layout mode

Once all your elements are placed on your diagram, you can activate the Layout Mode in order to displace them but their allocation on other elements could not be modified.

Layout/Style Capella Copy/Paste

You can Copy/Paste the layout and the style of elements to reuse them in another diagram containing the same elements:

It is also possible to Paste only the layout or only the style of elements by right clicking on the diagram, selecting Capella Copy/Paste and then Paste with layout only or Paste with style only

You can also Copy the layout/style from an upper phase (e.g. System Analysis) and paste to different model elements to a lower phase (e.g Logical Architecture), thanks to the Paste capability which tries to match with realizing elements.

Straighten to top

You can align connectors between two components by selecting them (right-to-left selection) and use the "Straighten" tool:

Arrange All

"Arrange All" action correctly arranges automatically diagram elements.