Examples of Iterative Transitions Between Engineering Phases

Basics (Containment and Property Changes)


Let's consider the following analysis at Operational Analysis:

It can be described in a Operational Activity Interaction Blank:

Performing the First Transition

Let’s perform the first transition (the System Analysis is considered empty, except default model elements)

Adding an Element in the Source

Removing an Element in the Source

Removing an Element in the Target

Renaming an Element in the Source

Moving an Element in the Source

Advanced (Linked Elements i.e. Out of Containment)


Let’s consider the following situation:

The High command is realized by System and the Soldier is a System Actor (see the contextual menu):

Performing the First Transition

The focus is on the transition to Operational Activity allocations to System Function allocations.

The Operational Activities to System Functions are automatically performs during the Realized by System and System Actor transitions.