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WARNING TC_DC_01 - Port Allocation
This rule ensures consistency for a port allocation between a ComponentPort and a Functional Port realizing a port allocation from a previous level. The ComponentPort should realize the ComponentPort of the realized PortAllocation or should be a delegated port of the realizing port. The FunctionPort should be defined in a function or a sub-function realizing the function containing the port which has been realized.

ERROR TC_DC_02 - Port Realization
This rule checks the port realizations consistency.

WARNING TC_DC_03 - Logical Architecture Realization
The rule checks the realization consistency between logical architecture and physical architecture.

ERROR TC_DC_04 - Physical Artifacts Realization
This rule checks that a Physical Artifact Realization from a Configuration Item targets a Physical Artifact.

WARNING TC_DC_05 - Component exchange bounds refinement consistency check
This rule generates a warning if a bound of the ComponentExchange doesn't realize a bound of the realized ComponentExchange.

WARNING TC_DC_06 - Component Port Realization
This rule checks that a Component Port realizing a Component Port from a previous level is contained into a Component realizing the Component which contains the realized port (or in a sub-component).

WARNING TC_DC_07 - Component Functional Allocation
The rule checks if ComponentFunctionalAllocation which realizes a ComponentFunctionalAllocation from a previous level has its allocated component and its allocating function related to the realized ComponentFunctionalAllocation component and function.

WARNING TC_DC_08 - Component Exchange Functional Exchange Allocation
The rule checks if ComponentExchangeFunctionalExchangeAllocation which realizes a ComponentExchangeFunctionalExchangeAllocation from a previous level has its allocated Component Exchange and its allocating FunctionalExchange related to the realized ComponentExchangeFunctionalExchangeAllocation ComponentExchange and FunctionalExchange.