MDE Rich Text Configuration

MDE Rich Text Configuration is set of key/value structure that allows to configure the underlying CKEditor component. The configuration allows to customize the editor and adding new features. For more information, please refers to setting configuration and CKEDITOR.config pages.

The implementation org.polarsys.kitalpha.richtext.nebula.widget.MDENebulaRichTextConfiguration is an extension of org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.richtext.RichTextEditorConfiguration and it is aware of default configuration of the MDE Rich Text Editor.

The default configuration is located in Javascript resource in org.polarsys.kitalpha.richtext.nebula.widget/resources/config.js. The configuration specify that the widget allows all content, activate the native spell checker of the editor, encode special characters in serialized format...

The resource is setted in configuration with customConfig key and fully path to config.js.

The MDERichTextConfiguration provides facilities to configure the toolbar by adding items, to set position of the toolbar in widget...

A set of keys which allows to configure the widget are listed in org.polarsys.kitalpha.richtext.nebula.widget.MDERichTextConstants

Toolbar configuration

The easy way to configure the toolbar is to use the dedicated method to add items to groups. the method is initializeToolbarItem(String toolbar, String... items);

After that, the configuration is transformed to the following patterns:

[{name: toolbar1, groups = [ items1, items2... ]}, {name: toolbar2, groups = [ items3... ]}]

After the transformation, the key TOOLBAR_GROUPS to the result.


Add group of items to toolbar

This snippet add style group to toolbar.

	final MDENebulaRichTextConfiguration configuration;

Add group of items to the toolbar

Change the position and the color of the toolbar

This snippet shows how to configure the position toolbar and the color of the toolbar

	final MDENebulaRichTextConfiguration configuration;
	configuration.setOption(MDERichTextConstants.TOOLBAR_POSITION, MDERichTextConstants.TOOLBAR_POSITION_BOTTOM);
	configuration.setOption(MDERichTextConstants.UI_COLOR, "#AAAAFF");

Add group of items to the toolbar